Everyday is Filled With Awesome

Each day is what you make of it. If you choose to look for the good you will always find something awesome.

cocofairfield_GFDMOur day started out with some fantastic food, thanks to Instagram.  After posting some pictures the other day I went the notifications area and checked out each one of our followers.  I came across Coco Fairfield’s and was intrigued by their pictures.  I noticed a few things hinting to gluten-free foods…

After checking out their clearly marked Menu I knew it was a place we should eat, soon.

Coco Fairfield’s is easy to find on 12 Mile Road in Berkley.  When we entered there was a counter space, utensil decorated lighting, a wall of clocks, and other eclectice art.  There was a lot to look at, but nothing too overwhelming.  I was a fan of all the quotes and “feel good” sayings.

Our group was rather large this morning so two tables needed to be pushed together.  (Thank you, to the gentleman sitting by himself, that kindly swiched tables to accomodate us.)  After being seated our server took our drink orders.  Mr. GFDM asked about a gluten-free menu and we were told, “everything on the menu can be made gluten free, except the mac-n-cheese dishes.”  (Woot! Woot!)

The hardest part about a restruarant like this is choosing one dish.  While checking out the menu the owner stepped out and asked us about eating gluten free.  He informed us that they use seperate toasters and take measures to assure that there are no cross-contamination problems.  We also learned that their soups are gluten free too.  In the summer they do gespatcho and warms soups in the winter.

We ended up with Pancakes, Stanford Stuffed French Toast, Pastrami Hash with toast and jam, and Shrimp Gazpacho.

There was not one bit of food left on a plate.  The serving size was just right.  The prices were average, even with the gluten free bread up charge of $2.00.  We were very pleased and comfortably full.

On the way out we grabbed a coffee for the road and then walked along 12 Mile to visit the local shops in the area.  There are quite a few gift shops, music stores, and salons making a trip to Berkley well worth your time.

We will be visiting Coco Fairfield’s again soon.

Coco Fairfield’s
2959 W 12 Mile Road
Berkley MI 48072

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A Sweet Surprise

11010605_1059324534082481_3167348308927801987_oThis weekend is Michigan’s Lavender Festival.  This event has been on my Facebook Events list for quite some time.  I knew it would not be a hit with everyone, but I was determined to go.  I LOVE lavender.   Lavender, fresh basil, butterfly houses, the ocean, and Mackinac Island in spring rank with things that might just be heavenly.

The festival is also being held at Blake’s Cider Mill.  So before leaving there was a plan to taste some of their hard ciders (gluten free) that were not available in stores.

There is a $6.00 entrance fee for those over the age of 12.  I am only letting you know because I was under the impression the fee was for those doing crafts and other things.  I didn’t know you had to pay to shop and browse.

Today was very warm and many of the lavender items were in the sun or heat.  It didn’t take long for my crew to start yawning and getting sleepy.  Nothing like a little lavender to mellow everyone out.

NedsPretzelWhile browsing we came across Ned’s Pretzels.  I was interested and as usual our GF family members walked to the side to give me a few moments to drool over the gluten covered chocolate.  The nice woman at the stand offered a sample to the youngest, and as usual, I said “gluten free?”.

The reply was, “Yes, we have some gluten free samples.  One is a Zesty Parmesan and the other is a Spicy kind.”


Both were really tasty.  The only thing they needed was a hard cider or gluten free beer to go with it.

It didn’t take long for a discussion on what we were going to buy.  We ended up with Peanut Butter Buddy Bits.  They were a great combination of sweet and salty with a crunch.  Each one was so good that it didn’t make it five feet from the stand before they were gone.  PeanutButterBuddyBits

We can also feel good about our purchase today because Ned’s donates a portion of their profits to anti-bullying and anti-violence programs.  They are also made in Michigan and use Michigan products.

The Lavender Festival runs through the weekend.
July 11 10:00 to 5:00pm
July 12 10:00 to 5:00pm
$6.00 Entry 13 years and older.
Blake’s Cider Mill
17985 Armada Center Rd
Armada, Michigan

Ned’s Pretzels
Available at these Locations
(gluten free pretzels may not always be avail.)
877-248-NEDS (6337)

There’s something about July

gfdm_logo150The kids are on summer vacation.  Everyone wakes up later and eats meals on an altered schedule.  If it is extremely warm watermelon or an ear of corn might hold people over for a few hours.  This is the time of year where our family life gets simple and easier to handle.

In the last year Mr. GFDM has graduated college, passed the nursing program and the NCLEX, and started two different jobs.  He has great plans to become a flight nurse and those plans are well on their way.

While supporting him through a tough nursing program I was working full-time, raising children, and trying to make all the other ends meet.  This job was so much harder than I expected.  Actually, it was hard as hell and some other choice words.  I do not want to ever return to that stage of life.

GlutenFreeDetroitMetro.com shut down for a while as there was no disposable income and our family was not out discovering new gluten-free things.  We were doing just what we could to hang on.

While the site was shut down some articles were lost.  That’s okay though because many of those businesses we promoted or advertised for have changed hands or closed.  The businesses that have grown and become successful will be re-reviewed to present their most current information.

GFDM Blog is back online just in time for it’s July anniversary.

Running a blog and all its’ social media is not easy.  It can become its own full-time job.  For now we will bring you current articles as they come along.  It will be a while before coupons or match-ups become available again.  In the mean time we can refer you to many local sites with that information.

We sincerely apologise for our absence and not being here to provide you with information you looked forward too.  I just hope that you are able to understand that life becomes a bit overwhelming and we do what we can with the resources available.

Your Friends at GFDM