Gluten-Free Coupon Round-Up

Gluten Free Coupon Round-Up

I’m preparing for my own grocery shopping trip, so I thought I would share some of my coupons and sources with you.  Below are some coupons I’ve rounded up from around the web.  Print them out soon if you want them because many of them will leave us soon when coupons are refreshed at the beginning of each month.

Also check out our own Coupon Center for other great printable coupons.

Udi’s – $1.00 Off

Ronzoni Gluten Free Pasta – $1.00 Off

Glutino Snacks – $.55 Off

Glutino Products – $1.00 Off

Canyon Bakehouse – $1.00 Off Any Product

$1.00 off (1) ZonePerfect 5-count Multi-Pack

Glutenfreeda – $1.00 Off Any Product

Pamela’s – $.50 Off Any Product 4 oz or larger

Pamela’s – $.50 Off Any Product

Rudi’s Gluten Free Bread – $1.25 Off 

$2.00 off One (1) EVOL Frozen Single-Serve Meal

DeLallo Gluten Free Pasta – $1.00 Off

Food Should Taste Good – $1.00 Off 

Enjoy Life – $.55 Off Any Product

Crunchmaster – $1.00 Off 

San-J – $.55 Off

Mambo Sprout Coupons

  • Pure Organic Bars – $2.00 Off 2
  • Back to Nature Foods – $1.00 Off
  • Rudi’s GF Bread – $.75 Off

Get The Savings / Kroger Feed A Child 

  • Barilla Gluten Free Pasta – $.75 Off


There are a few coupon sites that are great references for coupons and local savings.  If you are looking for more information check out:

Bargains to Bounty  
Deals in the Mitten 
A Mitten Full of Savings

GF Menu Swap: Quick and Easy Gluten Free Dinners

Quick and Easy GF DinnersThe Gluten Free Detroit Metro family like many others is on a fixed budget when it comes to groceries. Gluten-free goodies are known to cost a lot of money. To get around that, most items in our home are fresh and unprocessed. Therefore, a lot of baking and cooking is done in the home. The best way to keep food waste minimal and stay within a budget is to meal plan. Here is another Monday and another meal plan.

Please keep in mind that Gluten Free Detroit Metro is not represented by a doctor or dietitian. Use your own judgment when purchasing foods and consult a doctor or dietitian when adopting a gluten-free diet.

This week has been crazy already.   Our kitchen was empty of all easy things to eat, pay day was approaching, and then THE TREE FELL DOWN.

It was Thursday evening.  I got out of work and headed home to have a late Breakfast-for-Dinner night with the kids.  The dinner on the menu plan wasn’t going to work because I was just too tired to think or cook.  I was so mentally exhausted that I made some of the bacon extra extra crispy.

After dinner was cleaned up I shoo’d the kids into quiet spaces and poured a glass of wine.  I could not get the dogs to settle down.  They kept barking at the air, so it seemed.

The cracking was loud.  IT WAS LOUD.  So loud I thought the whole tree was coming down.  I got to the doorway just as the “branch” was coming to a stop.

broken tree

A branch is a bit of an understatement.  It was a limb about 40 foot long and 3 foot around at the base and covered 3/4 of the yard.  Some how it did not destroy the pool, bar table, chairs, grill, or the neighbor’s cable line.

So far it has taken almost a week to clean up and still isn’t done because our local service won’t take brush that big.  (Grand?!?!)  We will be renting a chipper soon.

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What does all this have to do with my weekly menu?

Well, it totally messed up last week’s menu and delayed this week’s menu.  I almost don’t even remember what we ate at the beginning of this week.  If we had a quick menu plan ready for school it could have been applied for this week.  Our Tree Event is a perfect example of how one thing can derail a whole week if you aren’t prepared.

This week I will be recovering with quick meals while gathering items for slow cooker meals and 30 minute meals.  I will share them with you as the week goes on so you can prepare with me.


Menu – Week of August 23rd

Sunday:  Salmon Packets, Corn on the Cob, and Asparagus
Monday: Sadly I don’t recall what we ate.
Tuesday: Just Add Tomatoes sauce, Pasta, and Meatballs
Wednesday: Pizza and Salad –  Hungry Howie’s GF Pizza.  So far we haven’t had problems with them.  
Thursday: Hawaiian Chicken Kebabs (gf soy sauce that is…)
Friday: White Chicken Chili in the Slow Cooker
Saturday: Messina’s Sausage and Peppers

There are so many great ideas for quick meals at Celiac Family this week.  You can find the round up there and much more.  For additional meal planning ideas check out

Gluten Free at St Clair Shores Farmer’s Market

St Clair Shores Farmer's Market
This Sunday, August 23rd St Clair Shores will be hosting their second Farmer’s Market.  We went to the first one and were pleasantly surprised by the turn out and number of gluten-free items.

The event takes place in Blossom Health park.  There are a great number of vendors and many of them sold out last time.  If you plan on buying produce you should be there early.

Along with produce there is a variety of goods being sold.  We were first greeted with a stand from The Current Food & Libations.  (Gluten-Free Menu)  It was then we discovered their chef has Celiac Disease and is versed in gluten-free cooking and options.

Then we found a vendor selling some decked out corn on the cob.  The ingredients were simple and very yummy.  Our girl child decided just to get butter on hers.

BFree Gluten Free

BFree gluten-free baked goods

BFree was also there with gluten-free baked goods.  There we were able to taste some light and airy cupcakes.  There were several different flavors that went down super quick.  Check out BFree for your next event cake.  They are very pretty and are good to eat.

There are new vendors being added to the list this weekend.  One of them is our favorite Made in Michigan gluten-free product,  Old World Gluten Free.  If you did not know they sell pierogi.  Pierogi in all kinds of flavors.  If you have not tried this product you should!

At the SCS Farmer’s Market you will find many other vendors, activities, and new people.   The last market had a petting zoo, dance classes, and legos for the kids to play with.

For more details on the vendors, activities, parking, and shuttle bus visit St. Clair Shores Farmer’s Market at their website or on Facebook.

If you take pictures on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram tag us at #glutenfreescsfm or the market at #scsfm.  We can’t wait to see your lovely faces.