Menu Plan: Back on the wagon with Green Beans

The Gluten Free Detroit Metro family like many others is on a fixed budget when it comes to groceries.  Gluten-free goodies are known to cost a lot of money.  To get around that, most items in our home are fresh and unprocessed.  Therefore, a lot of baking and cooking is done in the home.  The best way to keep food waste minimal and stay within a budget is to meal plan.  Here is another Monday and another meal plan.

Please keep in mind that Gluten Free Detroit Metro is not represented by a doctor or dietitian.  Use your own judgement when purchasing foods and consult a doctor or dietitian when adopting a gluten-free diet.

This past Friday there was no Food Waste Friday, as inspired by The Frugal Girl, because there was no waste in the house.  In fact, there wasn’t any cereal, milk, or vegetables.  We were left with eggs and blue berries.

This week I need to figure out what to do with the blue berries so they aren’t lost ,and green beans, per the week’s theme.

This week the Gluten Free Menu Swap host is Celiac Family.

Menu ~ Week of July 29

Breakfasts:  waffles, cereal, and yogurt ALL TOPPED WITH BLUE BERRIES 
Lunches: GF chicken nuggets, Banana & Nutella sandwiches on Udi’s bread, mini pizzas on corn tortilla crust, leftovers, and fruit
Monday: Turkey Burgers & Baked Green Bean Fries
Tuesday: Slow Cooker Chicken & Black Bean Tacos and Rice
Wednesday: Grilled Chicken, Green Beans w/Garlic, and Potatoes
Thursday: Breakfast for Dinner
Friday: Homemade Pizza (unless it is hot, then leftovers)

I do not have a recipe for the Baked Green Bean Fries yet.  Thankfully, Pinterest has come around a lot in the past year.  I am sure I will find some ideas there and tweak it to fit us.  Stand-by for the recipe.

For additional meal planning ideas check out

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  1. Happy to see you back at the GF Menu Swap! Glad you could join us this week.

    • Amanda

      Thank you Heather. It is great to be back.

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