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detroitskyline960_412856_7Everyone knows Detroit has problems, but you would not have known it this past Sunday.  The weather was beautiful and there were many activities going on.  The Eastern Market was filled with Lions fans watching the game on imported televisions attached to generators.  Others were BBQ’ing, playing Cornhole, and laughing while drinking.

Downtown was filled with groups of people, some in vibrant costumes.  We saw bright tutu, crazy socks, Thing-One, Thing-Two, and a few more Things.  There were even Pirates.  After some observation it was noted that they were wearing numbers and part of a race.  The Challenge Nation Race.  Within minutes, thanks to my smart phone, I had decided that we will do this next year.

IMG_1617All the excitement captured our attention and we totally forgot about lunch.  Bellies of children do not forget lunch, however.  We had a few rounds of “What do you want to eat?” before deciding on Slows To Go.  Here we knew there would be good food.  Good gluten-free food!


Gluten-Free Items Marked with “G”

Slows and Slows To Go are popular places.  At times parking can be a problem, but today was our lucky day.  We got a parking spot right out front and the line inside was short.  Normally there is a little bit of a line that gives one enough time to skim the menu and make a selection.  Not this time.  We quickly decided to get The Duce (brisket and pork) and a 1/2 & 1/2 (St. Louis Ribs and Chicken Strut).  Those two selections come with two sides each.  Our choices were Sweet Potatoes, Black Beans, and  Potato Salad.  Our son picked the Baked Beans that are not gluten-free.  (He has the option to do that.)

There was a wait for our food that started to make our clan a little grumpy, but it was erased when we started to eat.  At first we attempted to eat outside, until the bees got a whiff of our feast.  Our meal tasted just as good inside at the bar seating.  These two meals, and beverages, cost us about $40 and there was enough food for all five of us.  I will save you from reading a slew of words found in a thesaurus and just say everything was Da-Licious! (Here’s a shout-out to Mickey for using his word.)


The only leftovers were a few baked beans and some black beans.

Slows BarBQ and Slows To Go are fabulous places to eat and a great asset to the city of Detroit.  We encourage you to stop in, have some awesome food, and share the information with your friends.

Slows To Go Carry Out Menu

 Slows To Go
4107 Cass Ave.
Detroit, MI 48021



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