Menu Plan: Plums

The Gluten Free Detroit Metro family like many others is on a fixed budget when it comes to groceries.  Gluten-free goodies are known to cost a lot of money.  To get around that, most items in our home are fresh and unprocessed.  Therefore, a lot of baking and cooking is done in the home.  The best way to keep food waste minimal and stay within a budget is to meal plan.  Here is another Monday and another meal plan.

Please keep in mind that Gluten Free Detroit Metro is not represented by a doctor or dietitian.  Use your own judgement when purchasing foods and consult a doctor or dietitian when adopting a gluten-free diet.


Plums?  Out of all the fruits we eat these are not one.  What to do with plums?

The Mr. has wanted to do grilled peaches with goat cheese or blue cheese, so it leave me wondering how these would do grilled.

I am sure there is a way to incorporate them into a chicken dish.

Head on over to Gluten Free Goodness to see what creative things Cheryl and others do with plums and their weekly menus.

Menu ~ Week of August 12th

Breakfasts:  waffles and pancakes using our Aldi‘s baking mix, yogurt
Lunches: tacos, leftovers, salads
Monday: “Ants climbing up a tree” – Lettuce Wraps
Tuesday: Leftovers
Wednesday: Chicken with plum something – stay tuned
Thursday: Salmon Cakes w/Rice
Friday: Stuffed Turkey Burgers from (because it didn’t happen last week)

For additional meal planning ideas check out

2 responses to “Menu Plan: Plums

  1. Hi Amanda,
    Thanks for linking up. Lettuce wraps are always a winner!

  2. Love “Ants climbing up a tree.” Sounds fun!

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