Meet & Greet #gfmeetngreet

Celebrate the weekend and meet new (web) neighbors.  It is very simple as you will see below.

The site of the day:  A Year of Slow Cooking

How to play:

          •  Leave a comment here, facebook and twitter don’t count, with a message and a link to something gluten-free.  (Information, a recipe, your own blog, or special post.  DO NOT include more than one link in your post or SPAM filters will catch it for moderation.)
          • Next visit the site of the person above you and the link they left.  Let them know you are part of the GLUTEN FREE MEET N GREET.

Please play along.  There are no limits on visits.

Note to the first person commenting:  Leave a link and check out Stephanie O’Dea at A Year of Slow Cooking.  She’s all GF too.

3 responses to “Meet & Greet #gfmeetngreet

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  2. I’ll start. Stephanie’s chicken looked wonderful.

  3. Here are a couple great foodie #gf sites: – this is Jen from Rhode Island. Great fresh foods! – Kim from Columbus
    Also, really good, easy recipes every day
    Also, Ken, listed above has great ideas as well.

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